• Performances/Readings/Artist Talks - Available to perform/read/sing solo or  with band,  or contribute in Artist talks or Panels in High Schools, Colleges & Universities, and Special Organizations (Appearances or commissioned work)
  • Keynotes:  Topics include: Immigrant Experiences from both an educator and Artist perspective,  Arts for Empowerment,  Domestic Violence.
  • Creative Writing & Performance Workshops,Spirit Circles-A series of workshops especially for women on healing and reflection. These can be an hour to 3 hour, half day experiences combined with performance.
  • Art and Craft of Story Telling, Performing Poetry, Art for Social Change.
  • Hosting - Available to host parties, specialty events, poetry events, fashion/eco-friendly/thrift, social justice, wellness/fitness,women's empowerment, women's history month, African events, educator events, Artist receptions, immigrant experiences
  • Creative Consultant for Events - Organizing  events for non-profits, clubs, schools, and organizations. For example:Fashions shows, finding artists for events, programming for African/Immigrant communities
  • Songwriting-Available to be a studio singer/back up singer or songwriter.Registered Producer & Singer with ASCAP


For Rates/ Please send an email to u-meleni@u-meleni.com