I come to this work as a Marathoner and Fitness Advocate with a decade of experience in Health and Wellness having worked for the Boston Public Health Commission.  I have run over 60 races, including the Boston Marathon & Chicago Marathon. 

• Partnered with Unnamed Run Crew in 2019 and 2020 to create PR digital campaigns, combining self-authored poetry (“We Be Women” and “This Is Not an Ordinary Day”) with videos and photography by Jason Williams of Ill Digital to amplify a positive body image mindset and improve fitness and wellbeing. This campaign was instrumental in highlighting diversity in running and bridging social justice movements and wellness.


we're riding together with one mission 

with one voice for Breonna Taylor  

and for all the unnamed Black women  

who have been killed and brutally taken from this world 

We ride because her killers need to be punished. 

We ride because we want justice. 

We are not born knowing how to ride a bicycle. 

it's something that we have to learn 


it comes easy 


 it’s hard 

Like life 

Like justice 

Like equality 

but with commitment 





But it takes energy 

 all your muscles , your mind and your body working in sync 

 to move the bicycle 

 to move the wheels  

how fast you move is equal to how much energy you use 

 to turn the spokes of the wheel 

the faster we learn how to ride 

the faster we get to be free 

Free to go wherever we want 

 Without fear 

This is LIFE 

And we can't do it by ourselves 

because one person riding fast is not going to get us there 

Becoz just like when we learn how to ride we need someone else to push us forward 


So we ride towards the same destination 

 to get to the other side; Freedom 

and it doesn't matter what kind of bike you have  

 how much money you spent or make 

 Doesn’t matter if your bike is borrowed or handed down  

doesn't matter how tall or how short you are 

The color of your skin 

Whether you’re young or old 

  Or how much you weigh  

it only matters 

It only matters 

  what are you willing to ride 

 Today we are here 


 RIDING for justice 

SPEAKING UP for justice 

Because it’s JUST US 

 And there will be challenges along the way  

Bumps , curves 


 aches, pains 

But we are all 



Demanding justice  

Riding together 

RiDING FOR Breonna Taylor 

Riding for our lives 

Tese means All of us /Together in my native tongue Shona from Zimbabwe 

©U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo/Maoko Project/July 28,2020 

For #Rideforbreonnataylor #UnnamedCrew #Boston

Photo credit: jason williams instagram@_afrosoul_before over 100 people  Rode  10 Miles for Breonna Taylor

Photo credit: jason williams instagram@_afrosoul_before over 100 people Rode 10 Miles for Breonna Taylor