Running in Stillness by DANZA ORGANICA

A dance theater suite based on the impact of mass incarceration on women and their families.  

This new work delves into the human condition of being imprisoned, and how this affects people imprisoned, their families, and all of us in the community. 

I was one of the collaborators: my role in this project was as Poet in the ensemble speaking the emotions of loved ones impacted by incarceration. The powerful words shared were written by Ayana Auborg of Sisters Unchained.

Being part of this incredibly powerful important work and collaboration with Danza Organica was an honor. An honor to give voice to those often voiceless. And a call to action.

The full piece was performed at the Harvard Law School, Mass and Carceral State Conference, in Sept 2016 and an excerpt of the piece at Boston University School of Public Health 40th Anniversary Gala also in 2016.