I was invited by Arts Emerson  Iphigenia: After The Curtain Call to create an Artistic response to  Esperanza Spalding's play that I had the pleasure of witnessing on opening night. ( 11/12/2021)

My reflections became a melodic poem about sacrifice, patriarchy and magic.

The performance was dedicated to my late mother Helen,who passed away June 4, 2020, and to all women.

In the piece I start of singing in my native tongue Shona; the words meaning " be quiet don't make too much noise" which is always the expectation of the establishment. I resist this!

To read the full text of the piece find it here.

To see the full conversation with Esperanza Spalding with local academics and leaders check here

 Special thanks to Arts Emerson, Akiba Abaka, Magda Fernandez. for the pic you took, and my 2 sounding boards and awesome friends Thato Mwosa and Georgia Lyman.